Blue is trust; the sky is blue, the sea blue, too Blue is the colour of mourning, we feel blue, the mood is blue blue is the colour of awakening-blue skies, blue blazes and blue was the colour of my father’s eyes-faithful and true-my best friend blue is love green is the colour of spring; … More Blue

The Call

A friend walked through my door today…he did it by making a phone call. I’ve been hiding at home since my father passed. Hiding within the four walls that make a cell more tightly binding than bars could ever hold. Memories tie tightly to my soul and visions of the future frighten me more than … More The Call

Rainfall in Paradise

I lay awake, wrapped in his arms and the tingly afterglow of satiation. Warmth spreads through my body as a blanket of lassitude covers me, rendering my limbs and torso heavy and unmoving. A spark lights within me-hope has come home to roost in my breast, and it is both a terrible burden and an ancient … More Rainfall in Paradise