Mother’s Day 2014

Hello, my Joseph. It’s strange-mother’s day usually brings me down-but I even smiled at Mom’s star tonight as I said ‘Hi’ to her. You always introduced me as your mom-the only one who ever believed in you, trusted you and stayed on your side through it all – all your bullcrap, lies and thefts; all … More Mother’s Day 2014

A day in the life

Yesterday was a terrible day, despite the help i was given at church. Cigarettes, a hot bath, anda razor blade made life easier. Cutting is…such a release of the pent up negativity-it purges the soul, and leaves a mark upon your body where you let the negative a door or window, you can see … More A day in the life

thoughts run amok

The thoughts I have running through my mind are so many i cannot isolate them individually. He is there…always. is he safe? Is he happy? Why can i not be?the pain that runs through me is intense-memories of his body and mine, his smile, the feel on his lips awaking me…seeing his eyes before me … More thoughts run amok