i miss you, love. still and always.

Joseph. My Joseph–you still are mine, and always shall you be. you gave me part of your soul as i gave part of mine to you. You are hiding from me again, but you are also hiding from the police, the repo-guys, your family and all the friends you had made. you have aligned yourself with the wrong side; the dark side; with whores both male and female; with scum and most likely, knowing your business being as it is, thieves and drug addicts. I fear for you. i fear for your safety and your health. I pray you do not catch something viral (like say herpes, hepatitis, or HIV) or anything else like a spirochete like syphilis, gonorrhea or blood borne pathogens. You are still so very very important to me, my joseph. since you left the sky is dark, the night lonely and fearsome and my nightmares have increased exponentially. I miss you, my love. I know you won’t come home…but please, my love. call me.soundboard


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