a Cut through my Heart and Affection

Image it’s strange. as each day goes by, I feel your pull less and less. I met with my pastor-we cut the soul ties between us, and your painful need became yours-not mine. your insane desires for success-became yours. your battles echoed only with your own cries as your enemies surrounded and overwhelmed you. I have been protected by the Lord’s grace and power, and though I feel for your pain, it is real…but no longer mine. I no longer stay up for hours at night crying out to God for your protection. this is now your job. when the shit hits the fan, my dear love, it will be because you persist on throwing it at the fan. Call me my love. call your Grandaddy first-tell him you are sorry. then live it. Return Tasker’s car, or pay it off one lump sum. pay off the phone bill. apologize. apologize for what you did to your grandmom too. the man loves you. get help with your conditions, my love. i dont care if you decide to completely leave me for whores-that is your choice. be man enough to talk to me though. and lets work out a repayment plan that you actually stick to for once.


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