Wednesday Evening/Thursday Morn

My Joseph.

I suppose that by your choices you are not mine any longer-not in your view, but i have claimed you as my own. and you have claimed me on more than one occasion. We have history, you and I. and we have unfinished business. I will not let you go–though all i can do at this point, love is to pray for you. that God guides your footsteps, that Christ provides protection for your health through the blood he shed, and that the Holy Spirit offer up his own wisdom to take over for the fact that you, my love, are a dumb shit. You have left the best thing that every happened to you in the dust of your feet and you still don’t realize it. I also pray that your eyes be opened to reality, your heart convicted to make amends and correct your wrongs and your heart pulled toward God’s will and saving grace. You do not earn His grace, my love. it is His gift. I pray you find the belief that He sees in you your potential in Him, not who and what you are right now.

I WILL always love you, joseph. for the rest of my life. i have no desire for anyone else, and i have no doubt that when we meet again i will still be a single woman. waiting for the return of the only man she ever loved the way she loved you.

I just pray it happens soon.


Joseph with Noah
Joseph with Noah


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