Saying goodbye to oversharing media (i.e. facebook)

The truth of the matter is, I thought someone would have something to say to me when i said that friday would be my last day on that god-forsaken site. aparantly i was wrong. i still have extended family who badmouths me to the rest of the family-who believe what they are told and act like sheep instead of coming to me for the truth/confirmation/the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey once said.I owe no one money to whom i am related at this point, whether through marriage or blood. I gave to my children a gift that the rest of the family cannot know about but would give their eye teeth to do for their own-or if they were good parents they would. I have cut the dross and chaff from my shadows and heels and journeyed on toward Christ in a relationship (not a religion) and will continue to do so, making no apologies-but dont tell me how awful I am when the tenants of your “religion” say that your parent labours in hell due to his own suicide-the blatant refusal to stop smoking after being told you are killing yourself with every puff is just that, or tell my family how horrible I am when you refuse to even have sex with your husband after YEARS (the pope frowns on that and says it’s a mortal sin and your duty as a wife and “christian”. remove the log from your own eye woman-I know my sins. I have kept score. I know my standing and what the back of my playing card says. have you looked that closely at yourself? or do you still refuse to change because “you’re happy like that”? as for my comments on facebook over a year ago? i wanted to leave them up. someone else in the family who cant even stand you asked me to take them down so as not to sink to your level.


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