Shattered Mirrors

come home I have scoured the entire internet looking for you. You have nothing on line with your real name. Have you changed it then?  I know that your fiancee’ dumped your ass because of your sister telling her the truth about you. How many women do you intend to ruin before you are through and decide it is time to live a responsible life? Joseph, I love you. I always will. But it is time and past to grow up enough to think rationally, take responsibility and stop running. I dont care that you like how it feels when you are manic. I dont care that you like how it feels to pretend. I dont care that enjoy the reactions of the people you fool with your lies. It is time, dear one. Time to be an adult. Time to face the consequences of your actions. Time to stand on your own two feet and build a life-not borrow others’ emotions to fulfill your needs. Take your medications. Get therapy. Go back to church. Come home. Make things right. Some of us still care enough to help. not to fix things for you, but to give you support while you fix things yourself.


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