wake me up, when september ends

My life has made an unexpected, though anticipated turn. My youngest, and possibly the most adult of us all, has officially moved in with her boyfriend, whom i adore as though he were one of my own …without any ick factor. I have delivered to them (her) one car-a 2012 mazda – paid for, one kitten, fierce hearted and a bundle of both energy and love for his new mum and dad – i will miss that straw thieving pafooted opportunistic robber with my whole heart, but  2 keyboards ruined is about enough for that. He went  with a litter box and all related supplies, ample kitten kibble, mousie toys, catnip and a chinese finger trap with which he is to be headbopped. They got a kitchen table, fantatic “i’m in my 20s” chairs, and kitchen decorations–napkin rings that match the placemats i am making them. And i made sure they had their downpayment, am paying for their car insurance and even tried to buy a car for her bf as well.

Asleep with his Fibi--best pillow pet a boy can find
Asleep with his Fibi–best pillow pet a boy can find

And yet, i still feel inadequate. I am not allowed to let anyone know  i bought her car, not permitted to say i pay the  insurance, and my own family throws every penny they spend for  her in my face. It  seems they all want to play the ‘one up’ game, and i have to just lie, smile and take the  diggs. They hurt. Yes, my brother bought her great  stuff for the kitchen…it  was not necessary because

Their very own padfooted straw stealing thief of hearts
Their very own padfooted straw stealing thief of hearts

She could have had what he  bought me. I will never have my own place  again. I bought food, so he bought twice as much. This is my child, damnit, must i lose this one too? Have i not yet lost enough? What more is required before i can actually be classified as a caring mother  who still helps her child and not just a life sucking leech?

My baby's free and clear  car
My baby’s free and clear car

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