The Kiss

Lips meet; they part, and tongues collide,

There is a tightness–in chest, stomach, below and tensions run

Like electricity throughout my body. Breathing in more than air

I breathe life–humanity. Caring. And time–

That well spent with the arms that hold me, the smell of his maleness mingles with

My perfume…and it is good.

The taste of him, the feel of my teeth and lips on his jaw,

The pull as i suck his lip inside of my greedy mouth becomes my world.

And this, too, is good.

There is a longing in my kisses, to be held, to be cared for…to be loved.

But i am here, in this moment and in this second of time i feel the love i crave

I am surrounded by warmth, bathed in gentleness as kisses walk down my throat as

Fingers dive within my hair to pull me closer.

This too, is that which is love, and i am content to live the moment, knowing nonetheless

That when the night ends, i will return home…. And when i do, i shall be alone once more.

But for now, there is love. And it is good.


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