Tiger on Your Tail

There is a truth in life. When we chase too hard, prey will run. Cheetas will chase an antelope; dogs will chase UPS drivers, cats chase mice that squeak off key. Here is my truth. I am aggressive enough that even light flirting comes off as a 180 mph highway chase through traffic in suburbia. People get hurt. Usually it is me.

So the date that I went on–no sex, great kisses, and lying in his arms was a miracle given from God Himself…but, as always, I got into my own way. Apparently, this man who (never) closes his mouth, is…shy. I would imagine I seemed to be a Goliath with a club and sword coming through town to bop him on the head and carry him off to my lair. Poor dear. And he sees himself as being unworthy of …well, of anything. Unworthy of love. Unworthy of pleasure. Unworthy of happiness. Of joy. Or tenderness. He feels he is only here in order to give.

This isn’t the plan. We are ALL worthy of grace, of joy, of love. We are all worthy of gifts beyond measure that are freely given to us by those who not only tolerate us, but love, or are even able to love us. Part of me is already lost to your charms, Sweetie. And with the grace of a rhino in a Lennox warehouse, I lost you.  I am truly sorry. I wanted so very much to be the one to show you how much you are worth. How much you are worth already to me.

coyote 003


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