They say love is the heartbeat of mankind, the force that turns the world and “a many splendored thing”. I tend to agree with Pat Benetar–love is a battlefield.

with each compromise we give control, or gain it, only to return it in the future once again. We promise, to ourselves, to our someone, the honor and respect we see they deserve, then fight ourself to not subjugate him or her to our will. We state our surrender to the other on occasion, only to make contingency plans. So we never have to feelĀ that way ever again. The way we felt when our heart was broken. How we felt when we were kicked while we were down. The way we felt when we discovered that all they said about us was true. Old. Ugly. Fat. Slut. Whore. Drunk. Worthless. Stupid.

These words take on new meaning as they sink within our souls. They are who and what we shelter behind out of fear. Somewhere, somehow, inside we question their validity. We know we are more. But we hide behind the words, live within a dream and know that when we look in the mirror, we can sometimes see ourselves, and not the armor.


2 thoughts on “WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?–Tina Turner

  1. The day you wrote this entry is the day that Joseph Donald Baxter was booked into the okaloosa county jail. If you have anything you would want to share about him, please email me. As my husband and I lost all we had to him.


    1. Hi Toni-I’m Lori–I have a hard drive worth of paperwork of grievances against Joseph. He is a use and ditch sort of guy–and a genuine sociopath. I would say psychopath, but even with knowing his grandpa and mother, i havent gotten too into Joe’s very early history. He owes me approximately 85-95 thousand dollars, which he used my weaknesses, needs (including need for love) to secure. I have paperwork that if your DA’s office could use I would be happy to supply them with. Joe was never in the military (nor did he do the sniper training he usually claims, of course). he was kicked out in boot camp (nor for his knees) but for lying about being bi-polar. he sexually assaulted my daughter, solicited my other daughter and used sex with me to sway opinions, gain my acceptance and push me into stupid decisions.
      I bought him 2 cars, which were both repossessed which amounts to approximately 24,000 dollars of the total amount. i took out two loans, which amount to about 7500 dollars of the total. he stole a check from my checkbook and used it to write his downpayment on his townhouse.

      I tried very hard to have him prosecuted here, to no avail. This I do know. Both Delaware and Maryland have open warrents for him. i will be out most of the day tomorrow but will be home by about 7 p.m.. my home phone is 856-935-0249. as long as a name comes up and not a blocked message or private caller, we answer. feel free to call.


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