The Fight To Regain Begins Now

So as it turns out, Joseph is currently in lockup in Florida. What I want, and need is for everyone who was hurt by him, stolen from by him, abused by him to come forward. with enough support i feel certain we can win a class action civil suit against Joe, and perhaps contribute the the betterment of society by keeping him in a locked facility where he can inflict no more damage.

The facebook page is setup here:

Please stop by, leave a message, contact info by PM and lets see if we can take back our lives, once piece at a time.


3 thoughts on “The Fight To Regain Begins Now

  1. He was released yesterday. May 8th, 2015. Please call your local sheriffs department to see what, if anything can be done.


    1. on May 7th after I recieved your note, I sent word to the sherrif’s department where he was in lockup of his existing warrant for stealing firearms in Maryland and the fact that he has gone awol on his supervised release in delaware. I have not yet received any word in return. I will be posting a draft/mock-up of an legal document that anyone who is an interested party can and should file. I will leave instructions on how to fill it out and how to get the best results. i am a former paralegal and need to do a bit of digging into the procedure in florida and will post by next week. feel free to call me if you need me.


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