Lesson in Love


So where does one go, at the ripe age of well over 40, to find out how to properly have a healthy relationship? How to behave in polite (or not so polite) company, or how to keep one’s heart healthy–not overreach, read-into or hope for too much?

I think that if someone could invent an actual course, mentor, project manager (hey, some of us are just that screwed up, right?) there could be a relative shit-ton of money to be made.

No more barking up the wrong tree from mixed signals. No more falling for the wrong person. No more looking to fix what was wrong before you move on–fixing the need to fix the problem instead.

Now that’s a service we need. And a fortune awaits. …and if we could get Benedict Cumberbatch on as an instructor joined by my other favourite Tom Hiddleston? i’d sign up twice.

Peace all.


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