Just a thought for today-a May wrap up, so to speak. Even if it is June now…

So I speak with a friend every night. Sometimes I miss him, in the hustle and bustle of life, but mostly we spend time talking and reconnecting with each other, what we have missed through the years and what goes on in our lives today in our routine of bouncing from one task to another.


I’m glad that I have had the opportunity given me by God, and that he recognized my name through a mutual friend and thought it time to say “hi”. Each night, before I read to Dad, and sometimes after, I speak with him about everything from computer technology, to theology and our daily walks trying to be more Christlike. He is a blessing to me, no doubt.

Yesterday he gave me advice about a friend who is being abused (which included NOT taking matters into my own hand…meh) and getting her out of the situation. I’ve yet to talk it over with Dad, but should things need to be made different immediately, some of our problems will be fixed at the same time as hers…and I will sleep again at night. Yes, perhaps this is cryptic, but it makes sense to me, and at this point, what is a blog for me but an on-line diary? This one will take God’s intervention as well as thinking straight to get to where we both need to go. and apparently, thanks to my dear friend, I wont wind up in jail.

thank you dear friend. You have made a difference in at least five lives with this one. Love you always.



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