i drink in serenity and peace from the air across the ocean
from the breeze as it picks up salt and sprays it across my lips
and coats my eyelashes with sticky white chalk

i drink my peace from the sunlight as the horizon grows brighter
chased by the blue and black of dusk until the universe closes
its eyes and shakes out the stars in her hair

I sit under the night and taste the calm of the world-listening to the
insects cry their affections to one another-yelling at their neighbors
like a 1950’s city in a black and white picture show

I drink the nectar of fulfillment for the day as a Riesling-or a Pino–Grigio or Noir
does not matter, just the taste of grapes with peach, or raspberry…wood, nut or leaf
as the wine begins to relax my muscles, my spine and the tension i carry

I find my peace in all of these things-and without them I would be bereft, for
it takes all of this and more to make me. to shape the woman I am from the clay
that I once was. I become more malleable while I turn to stone. day to night. to



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