Dangerous Eyes-a SERIOUSLY short story

  puppy love 2

This is something I wanted to work on for a while—I posted the topic on facebook but only got one response-asking basically who I met or was talking about. I was talking about the two folks in the story, who came to visit me in a dream not that long ago. So, I set this down just to see how it works on paper. Or monitor. Or whatever. Hope you like it.
NOTE: This has been edited once. Probably will be a few more times. Enjoy!

The Great Dane almost yanked her arm out of its socket as he pulled her toward the table.  She could see the back of a man’s head and a jumping red Pomeranian looking her way. Or rather, it was looking, leaping and barking at Marcus who pulled his lead steadily ahead, threading his way through the crowd leaving her to apologize. When he reached the small ball of fluff, he lay down, and started licking the Pom, who immediately curled between his front paws for the grooming session.

The gentleman at the table looked up, quite bewildered at the unexpected company of a dog large enough to swallow his charge whole and the tiny woman holding its leash. Melinda Rae was sure that her face was red enough to glow, judging by the heat generated by her skin.

“Oh Lord, I am so sorry—he has never done this before! I’ll just yank him over to the counter and…” she said her eyes looking in despair at Marcus as he licked the tiny dog into a state of sog that only full submersion could compare to. “Oh shit.” Her hopeless eyes looked back up at the man.

The man looked down at his drool covered dog and smiled. It reached all the way to his eyes and lit them from behind. Melinda found herself blushing again as she noted in great detail all the different greens in his eyes, the thick lashes and the laugh lines that marked their outside corners. His eyes were full of a story that begged to be told; she found she wanted to hear it. For the first time since Danny had broken her heart, she looked with more than purely scientific interest at the world around her. In his eyes she saw…something.

“Hi. The wet Pomeranian is Dustbunny—she was my wife’s dog before she passed away two years ago. I’m Luca. We come for coffee at least once a week because Mary did. Please, sit down and join me and our dogs.” His eyes laughed as he said the last, and there was no other way to describe what she saw within them. He had dangerous eyes.


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