Day Five and Life is–Good?!?

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz
I wonder where the birdie is
The bird is on the wing
Oh how absurd, the wing is on the bird.

As I looked up in the sky
The bird dropped whitewash in my eye
I didn’t laugh, I didn’t cry
I just thanked God that cows don’t fly.

Today is Saturday, day 5 post-op, and I have taken none of the Tylenol 3 prescribed, and all of my regular meds for the day (night time meds still to come. The fire in my stomach has subsided to irregular flares that are becoming less each time they ignite. Healing is well and truly on the way.

I find myself easily keeping track of my liquid intake-water is an amazing thing, and my body likes it with ice cubes that I sip around and then take sips that I slightly warm before I swallow them. Lukewarm water does not work too well, though hot liquids, like tea, are also just fine. My taste buds, as spoken about, have definitely changed. Drink packets (the open them up add to a bottle of water type with sucralose (that’s the yellow stuff, y’all) have become almost gruesomely sweet, and Lord help me take my lithium! That is literally mixed with rat killing saccharine  – I almost think I would rather it taste like hippo butt.


I want real food. Texture. Chewing. I almost went into spasms after feeding my dog a carrot and knowing I have weeks before I can try one. Knowing that while my stomach is healing little bits can get stuck in the crease where the staples are and turn to internal (then rapidly external) death more or less, keeps me from bitching too much. But Dad was eating one of my lasagnas yesterday when I came out of the shower. I am one hell of a cook. I have learned already how to keep us from eating too much at a time-i make lasagnas in a batch of mini pans now. Truly single serving size. I will be making my meatloaves in cupcake pans from now on, pasta that fits in a half-cup before adding some sauce so I can have a salad with them. Smashed potatoes will be on my list soon–add in protein powder and maybe some cheese for taste and extra protein and i will enjoy them more than you might feel possible. I have to figure out how to eat a meal that stays hot when i have to make it stretch from 30-45 minutes. I may actually invest in a couple small restaurant plates that I can heat up in the oven to keep my meal warm.

Movement is so important right now. If I remain immobile, including while laying down last night to try and sleep (didn’t happen though..fell asleep after 0630 hours)…and I can say with total confidence that my bowels are working. I feel like Abby’s Farting Hippo from NCIS. Just grumpy and not cute like he is. 😕 We do what we can, though. Tomorrow is Day 6. I hope to take a walk to the corner and back-not going to happen if it is raining yet. I still have some occasional dizzies.


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