I am an Empath

Empathy–most folks have it, in various quantities, but I am an emotional empath–slightly different. Whereas Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empaths, in the most simplistic terms are emotionally sensitive people who sponge up the emotions of others.

lovey bear

You can “guess” how other people feel
People want to confide in you and tell you their problems
You’re very sensitive (others might say “too” sensitive)
You feel drained or tired when interacting with people
You are overwhelmed or emotionally activated in crowds (parties, malls, funerals)
You feel the urge to help people who are suffering
You have random mood swings (angry, sad, scared) that are unrelated to what’s happening in your life. (https://www.eliselebeau.com/)

Along my 47+ years I have met people who have dumped their emotional baggage on me upon meeting me, not eve knowing my name. it’s overwhelming. I am what is called an Impaired Empath–someone who cannot “roll with the punches” of the emotional crap that i catch just by being a nice guy. I listen at grocery stores where people come up to me, like i am a giant teddy bear, I am drawn like a bug to a bug zapper in order to help others whose pain shines bright and pulsating reds and blacks out from their skin, i am given the opportunity to share with people who have had a new baby enter into their lives. And I can help make it better. I do. But it leaves me emotionally drained.

Still, I ground, I center, I meditate, I even try to purge the feelings from me.  Shortly I hope to enter into a Reiki program with a friend’s old teacher to truly learn to manipulate the energies within my own and others’ bodies toward healthy, non-destructive behavior. And hopefully, when you show up at my door, you will be able to see just how amazing that can be.


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