A Drive through the Countryside

This is for you Yvonne (that’s Rusty to me):

It has been a while since I have been on here–partly my own fault, part fault of having a broken wrist that does not afford me the opportunity to actually type. So I sit and think about things that have happened recently and so very much has begun.

I have begun to study stones in preparation for Reiki training-and sound therapy training. Every living and non-living thing in, well…everywhere, is made of matter. since all matter has an electrical charge, it can affect the charge of another living or non-living thing. think iron ore and hematite or steel and hematite to make the hematite reactive to other metals: i.e.: magnetic. With these particular stones which i will pick out via each person’s vibrations to me (remember, read back-I am an empath), I will be able to cause healing to flow through the person’s body. of course, I have been using therapeutic touch to heal for well over 20 years, and Dad can attest to it making a difference.


IN other news, Joseph Baxter is still in custody, and my facebook site is raking in hit after hit. Such a good feeling. I had some bozo denounce it, but since the cops got it onto the 11:00 news in florida, i think i’ll go YAY COPS and continue from there. speaking of Yay moments, I started to smoke again (post surgery.) I thought my brother would die during his procedure and he did not but by then i was a full pack in. so now i am smoking and rolling my own, tobaccoless herbal cigarettes. they smell like a campfire, and taste like the marshmallow tht you drop into the fire and ashes and your older brothers dare you to eat anyhow and you do. so…not tasty. but lungs feel better and i believe it will be easier to quit from here. after all, who would want to continue to suck down fireplace ashes with probable bigfoot hairs mixed in. or at least the family dog’s. (eurgh)

bows logo

I am getting closer to starting my business. Above is my logo. I like it. Coming up with some sort of a nest egg might be helpful. for now i’m trying to save 20 a month and have the powerball or megamillions call my name. so far it has not.

Bekah is going to move before she ever comes out of her bedroom to visit. that is awful and sucks more than I can say. I missed her so much and she’s hiding down the hall being grumpy or on the phone and i just plain miss her. maybe something will work out so she visits a bit before she goes. she’s going to take my grandbabykat with her, so that sucks even more. he sleeps on my feet until i cant move my entire lower half from being sore and frozen in place. I’m feeling like the tin man in Oz.

Good news now. when i started this weight loss journey i was close to 380 i think. i am now 313 (on the nose) as of 2 weeks ago, and a solid size 22 from a 32. 10 sizes is nothing to sneeze upon. I feel better and do not hate everyone quite so much but i do feel very “underdressed”. I got this way on purpose as a layer of defense against the asshats out there.peeling off the calories is hard as it gives them a way to attack me.

Next time, your screen not mine. šŸ˜€



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