hubble 1

each star points to dawn with rays that spread across the heavens
they know that in our hearts and souls we need the light
and it rises from the earth once again to light our path.

We walk through the day–seeking what we do not know
yet sometimes we find a treasure we needed to hold dear
and we hold it in our heart and hands as a fragile baby bird.

friendships start thus, as does love–with our bodies and minds
we become one with the gift we have been given.
Years my pass, but truth and love endures long after we are gone.

I seek each day for the friend and heart that God has waiting for me
and try not to seek him out–that alters our course from true north
and makes us give in to despair.

I trust in God to deliver in His time, not mine, for mine is impatient
and demanding of Him whom I have no right of demand
and the day marches on.

the sun settles once again into the night and the sky closes it’s view
of all but the stars. At times they are covered by clouds
but the stars always point toward dawn.


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