A Simple Thing, Really…

chair 1.jpg(My new reading nook)

Today I bought a chair. It was used, and a bit stained, but it came with an ottoman and was the wingback I desired. Plus, as an extra-special bonus-it was only $10.00. This chair has great bones. All I need to buy now is the green upholstery foam (that’s the expensive stuff!!!), batting and horsehair. I have had the re-upholstery fabric, trim, tacks, etc. and tools for over 5 years waiting to do Rebekah’s chair-but she threw hers out. Not mine, says I. I shall keep mine and make it the best damned purple, silver and black chair ever. with a fancy silk pillow. (that the stupid cats will lay on…)

Right now the chair is a non-offensive blue, but it will be purple and rock it. My room is to be a purple grey, silver grey and an accent wall of dusky teal. It will look amazing.

In other news I have applied to place my “ticket to work”, a program with SSDI/SSI to help the disabled get jobs. it would be a help for sure to at least work part time. The thing is, the only job I can do, the only job I can see myself being at the very least content in is as an editor/proofreader. A freelance ed/proofer can make (starting) $30/hour. I would love to sit at my desk with a pile of papers (manuscript) and a red pen marking the hell out of the lousy excuse for English which most of today’s writer’s  avail themselves. I am, after all, a Grammar Nazi. English counts. Even for the self-publishing authors that are out there…and God knows they need my services. So, I hope for a job with Amazon Kindle, Random House, Del Rey, Penguin, or Scholastic Publishers. For a good book, I’d edit medical texts, scientific papers, and thesis papers.  And have fun doing so.

I’m lousy with people. I can’t speak on the phone effectively due to the medications messing up my language ability. Customer service is beyond my capabilities. But then, so is dealing with an employer on a day-to-day basis. I have been fired from almost every job I have ever had. Two I left to take full time or different work, and one I left pregnant and moved home-the job was too far to drive to every day for the minimum wage I was receiving… .

So wish me luck. Send me good vibrations and thoughts. Pray for favour on my behalf. Tell Karma it’s time for me to get some good in my life. For now, what I need is a few more pieces of paper and I’m ready to start with what may be a new life.

16 June 2017



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