Rainfall in Paradise

I lay awake, wrapped in his arms and the tingly afterglow of satiation. Warmth spreads through my body as a blanket of lassitude covers me, rendering my limbs and torso heavy and unmoving. A spark lights within me-hope has come home to roost in my breast, and it is both a terrible burden and an ancient … More Rainfall in Paradise


each star points to dawn with rays that spread across the heavens they know that in our hearts and souls we need the light and it rises from the earth once again to light our path. We walk through the day–seeking what we do not know yet sometimes we find a treasure we needed to … More Dawn

Mirrors and Walls

I saw a fire in your eyes today that was not there before. The dawning of the day came bearing a wind of ill will– The scent of rage, hatred and despair flowing on the breeze Like oily smoke; choking the oxygen from the air. Mirrors do not lie, child.   You stop and scream … More Mirrors and Walls

The Journey

For you. There lies ahead of me a journey to the seeming ends of the earth. To a land I detest, sticky with sweat and heated by the steroid abusing sun of the tropics. A land of endless skies, ocean waves and insects the size of small cars. But at the end of that road – oh, … More The Journey


i drink in serenity and peace from the air across the ocean from the breeze as it picks up salt and sprays it across my lips and coats my eyelashes with sticky white chalk i drink my peace from the sunlight as the horizon grows brighter chased by the blue and black of dusk until … More Pax

Morning Brew

The sound — tires on small, wet gravel travel down a winding road heading away from where you stand. The smell — fresh turned earth; rich brown chocolate…a hint of citrus. Fragrance hits you – full in the face, like a cloud, heavy with dew. Stop– You must. The morning stays its hand. Breathe. In…Out… … More Morning Brew