My brightest day

Because you have a little girl two (lol), This is for you. now and always.


Daddy. Poppa. Father. Da. Papa’. Père.

The day you hold your child in your arms–her life dependent on yours, your world expands into a cosmic blast that accelerates past the speed of light. and you shut yourself into a tiny closet with the life in your arms to keep her safe.

there is no other feeling like this–the dependency of your babe upon you, the knowledge that you-your genetic matter helped to form this beautiful child, the future you see laid out before you. Teaching her to ride her bike. Tie her shoes. Read to her each night, and see each show she is in at school, no matter how boring. She is yours and she is never boring to your heart.

She is a tiny, loud package sent from God in Heaven to give you hope, strength and faith, while testing your patience, resolve and dedication. Real men are there for their children. When it rains and she needs to practice for her ball team, they put on a windbreaker and go get wet. When she needs a spotter to help her get the reps she needs to tackle the handstand on the high board, fathers are there. they make the time without having to think about it.

Daddy takes her for her first date–pulling out her chair, opening her doors, and taking her jacket so she knows to never accept less. He makes her remove half her makeup and take the ball out of her tongue while wondering where she got the money to get it pierced. Daddy lays down the law, and does not back down and though she screams and rants, she knows that he does this so she will not be hurt…deep within her she craves this and depends on this to happen until she has wisdom enough to see for herself.

She may be his brightest moment, but her father is the light which guides her path. Stars circling each other, beams always touching, as she grows a bit further away to live her life as he has taught her. Grabbing on to life with passion and love.


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