The Sound of Heaven

the colours of sunrise–listen for the sounds

Can you hear the sound of Heaven touching Earth?

While singing out in worship and praise this morning, one of the lines in the song we were immersed in asked that very question: can you hear the sound of Heaven touching the Earth? Now, this could be taken in many ways-heard by the spirit, the natural, the scientific, the intuitive and more.

In our spirit, we hear a resonance when we enter into a state of receptiveness to God’s glory, wisdom or into a state of worship and readiness—whether this happens through active praise or through receptiveness to appreciate His creation in the sight of a new sunrise, the call of a songbird, or the majesty of an ocean after a storm.

The natural brings to bear “common knowledge” – the thought that God created this planet millions of years ago and humanity relatively recently-along with each and every other species of plant, animal, and mineral he placed upon the earth. He gave us minds to develop, adapt and overcome, but still be wise enough to know that we need His guidance and help to live to His potential.

Do we hear the sound of Heaven touching Earth in this state? Absolutely. Listen to the waterfall play on the rocks to the pool below. Hear the babbling brook and all plethora of wildlife surrounding it. Visit the savannah to hear the calls of lion and zebra; and walk the mountains to hear the cries of the wolves and coyotes as eagles soar screaming their own defiance and glory amongst the clouds.

Scientifically, we can break matter down to a single atom and split it – use the right atom and we have the chaos of a nuclear explosion, or use a Higg’s-Boson particle, the so called ‘God particle’ of creation, and that too makes a noise, though the Higg’s-Boson breaks down so quickly that billions of dollars of equipment is necessary to prove that it is even there. In some things, it proves to have faith—and we have many, many so-called learned scientists who treat those with faith with more derision than you could imagine being shown to a man who sets fire to his neighbor’s dog—we as Christians have been called child abusers for teaching our faith in God to our children, but in this too, the sound of Heaven reaches and is heard by the Earth, for our faith shall not waver. And from it comes the sound of praise. Of worship. From this comes the sounds of the faithful asking to be led by God’s wisdom. And we do listen for that still small voice. God’s voice to our soul. Another way he sounds His glory and shows that he finds us wholly acceptable in His sight. As He did His son.

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Enter In.

Lori S.


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