EMDR – 5

Visualization with the EMDR pads was a bit different today–it was more led rather than letting my brain go where it wanted to–I was scatterbrained today. Thus, the idea was to focus on the black feeling on my back/shoulders. I will admit that when the task was set I still gave a shudder–the feeling of … More EMDR – 5

The Journey

For you. There lies ahead of me a journey to the seeming ends of the earth. To a land I detest, sticky with sweat and heated by the steroid abusing sun of the tropics. A land of endless skies, ocean waves and insects the size of small cars. But at the end of that road – oh, … More The Journey

EMDR Notes 4

Today I think I laid demons to rest. The last vestiges of darkness and the tar black ichor that surrounded me has flaked from my skin and fallen away. (JS), the man who molested me for 5 years of my prepubescent youth is gone. I can no longer picture his face, and the name alone … More EMDR Notes 4


i drink in serenity and peace from the air across the ocean from the breeze as it picks up salt and sprays it across my lips and coats my eyelashes with sticky white chalk i drink my peace from the sunlight as the horizon grows brighter chased by the blue and black of dusk until … More Pax

Morning Brew

The sound — tires on small, wet gravel travel down a winding road heading away from where you stand. The smell — fresh turned earth; rich brown chocolate…a hint of citrus. Fragrance hits you – full in the face, like a cloud, heavy with dew. Stop– You must. The morning stays its hand. Breathe. In…Out… … More Morning Brew

EMDR Notes #3

    The darkness partially surrounds me with my closed eyes. It is tangible and I am almost able to hear it. Smell it — no —  I can smell it. Rancid. Acrid — it makes the back of my throat burn like a chemical exposure, he coppery taste of blood mixes with the pungency … More EMDR Notes #3

Just a thought for today-a May wrap up, so to speak. Even if it is June now…

So I speak with a friend every night. Sometimes I miss him, in the hustle and bustle of life, but mostly we spend time talking and reconnecting with each other, what we have missed through the years and what goes on in our lives today in our routine of bouncing from one task to another. … More Just a thought for today-a May wrap up, so to speak. Even if it is June now…